Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Broken Projector. Op Art!

So I'm spoiled.  I have a lovely projector in my classroom, a document camera, AND a Promethean board.  So whining about how my projector is on the fritz right now is not really very productive.  I must say though, that in the absence of the projector I've encorporated several new projects I wouldn't have done if I'd been able to move forward with my curriculum the way I'd planned.  Right now, 5th grade is working on Op Art.  I tried this with the same group of kids when they were in 3rd grade and they did fairly well with that version of the project, which was basically an ink blot, with "echo" lines around it, or if you speak Zentangle, we'll call them "auras."

Here's the version from two years ago.  I included Color Field Painting in the inspiration.  Basically we used a blob of watercolor, and a straw to blow the blob into drippy shapes.

I needed a lesson that would review a lot of key terms and concepts, and introduce a new one, which didn't require a lot of demo and slides on my part.  And I noticed as the next class came in, I didn't feel like demonstrating the exact same style of Op art.  So I mixed it up with three different projects, all having simliar objectives: to demonstrate Value, Movement/Rhythm, Pattern, and (illusion of) Form.

Here are the three different examples I ended up with.  So far the kiddos are into it, since it takes far less brain power than the previous block printing project.


  1. Wow- these are some amazing Op Art examples!

  2. Do you have a lesson plan for these you would share? Thanks for sharing. Incredible work!

  3. I've definitely pinned these for future use, what a great lesson! I've been visiting you for ages, you have such great ideas. I've just started a blog of my own http:/dreampainters.wordpress.com and have added your link. Thanks for the inspiration :) Elizabeth

  4. My projector was also on the fritz for like 3-4 weeks...ugh!!! That is a huge problem in a visual arts class. I had to rethink my whole way of teaching.

  5. just amazing art works...