Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just thinking...

I love it when a kid randomly asks me to spell something and then I later find that word in a little love note on my desk. Today a 1st grader asked me how to spell "girl" and then 10 minutes later she handed me a folded piece of paper that said, "I love you you are the best nice girl." Also today I was waiting for my Kindergarteners to settle down at the beginning of class. I usually close the door, turn off the lights and stand by the door "pressing pause." (It's my school's universal quiet sign: Hand raised with one finger extended, as if pushing an invisible pause button.) It was almost quiet in the room except for a little fidgeting. I opened my mouth and inhaled ready to say, "Good afternoon, Kindergarten." But I was interrupted by a cute little voice saying, "You're pretty, Ms. ___." You can interrupt me with that stuff all day, kid. This amuses me too, because I normally feel like I am pretty stern with the kids. I really have very little tolerance for what some consider to be normal kid behavior, such as asking irrelevant questions, frequent requests for bathroom breaks, tattling, and short attention spans. But they still give me love notes and random hugs in the hallway, so I guess I'm not as mean as I think.

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  1. LOL, We must be 'twins separated at birth'...this was so relate-able!