Saturday, October 29, 2011

Artome: Best Fundraiser EVER.

This year, per suggestion by my principal, I tried a different art fundraiser.  In the past I've used OriginalWorks, and wasn't at all happy with it.  It was so much work for me to trim the pieces (they all had to be 8 x 10.5 or somesuch, a non-standard size) because invariably I'd run out of the paper they sent, or need to use a different piece of paper for the project, or I'd want to do a square or circle project that didn't fit the format...  It was also a pain to collect orders myself and handle all of the logistics.

Artome was infinitely better, because it turned the fundraiser into an event.  The kids were able to attend an art show in the evening with their parents, and see every child's work displayed in a beautiful frame with a double mat.  The company charges $18 per frame, and I elected to charge $25 on my end so that we made a pretty significant amount from each sale.  (More than yearbook!)  Parents are able to order the framed work, and even reproductions of the pieces for gifts, even if they cannot attend the show.

The best part of all was that Artome came to my school and set the whole thing up, took it apart, and handled the reproduction orders, and last minute frame jobs onsite.  I had many parents telling me they loved this idea, and that they definitely wanted me to do it again next year.

For once, everybody is happy!

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  1. We tried a similar event a few years ago - I think the company was School Art Fairs. The frames and mats sound pretty similar; actually the whole event sounds the same.

    We had mixed reviews. People liked seeing the show, and many purchased, but some people were upset with the price (I think it was $16.95 per frame) and felt "obligated" to buy it. Those with multiple kids in school felt it was unaffordable and spent money they didn't have. Remember, I'm in a rural school with many kids on free or reduced lunch, and it all felt so money-grubbing. Glad to hear it worked for you!.