Friday, January 20, 2012

Variety Paintings

I do a lot of abstract art with the littles. They are better at making "lines, shapes, and colors" than they are at making realistic subjects.

So for our painting lesson, we looked at the work of Kandinsky and talked about Variety.  We learned the sign language for Variety, Line, Shape, and Color, and we painted like super artists.  This week we took the paintings and added even more variety by using skinny markers in the white spaces.  I LOVE THE RESULTS:


  1. Those are beautiful and I love the sign language idea.

  2. Thanks. I've been using sign language to teach the elements and principles. We have a sign for each of them. Some I had to make up, with the help of our school's interpreter. But it taps into that visual-auditory-kinesthetic thing, and definitely helps them remember. Yesterday a Kindergarten teacher told me she was having the kiddos list "V" words, and one of them said "VARIETY!" :D