Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Here Comes the Art Mobile!

Hey there.  Sorry I haven't made a post in like - forever!  Been kinda busy.  This January our school's overcrowding got out of control and I have been (temporarily - probably) placed on a cart.  My classroom is now full of kindergarteners.

I have learned a lot so far about what works and what doesn't.
(Pictured:  Unit 00.  This is the cart which I take to every room, sometimes I park it outside the class, or inside, depending on how much space there is in the room.  I didn't clean it up or organize it for the picture.  I wanted to be real with you guys.  It's got my water bottle, project examples, my time timer, drawing books for sketchbook time, glue sticks, markers, scissors, and a lot of nasty pencil shavings which I can't seem to control no matter what I do.)

The first thing I asked for was to have a separate cart for each grade level, and another main cart with basic supplies everybody can share, as well as my planning stuff.  That works pretty well, except when I fail to think about the fact that I need that box of pastels for second grade in the afternoon and fifth grade has it in the morning and I have zero minutes in between classes to go and get it.

(Pictured:  Art Mobiles on their hallway, my paper storage drawers, and the blue class portfolio bins)

Thus, I employ children.  That's right.  Child labor!  No.  Just kidding.  But I do give a lot of "helper" jobs to each class.  I have four helpers whose job it is to push into and out of the rooms, and on to their next destination.  Sometimes they get to push the button on the elevator.  This is a big deal.  Then in addition to that, I have two or three helpers to get the class portfolio box, which I keep on the hallway as well.

So all that's going ok.  I was disappointed that I couldn't do clay with the kiddos this year, but fourth grade has made some cool paper sculptures of Classical columns, all working in their groups at their own desks in their fourth grade classroom.

So other than all that, it's going.  If you are teaching from a cart, please share with me what you've learned so far!  Hopefully by the time I get used to it, I will be in a classroom again, but still!  :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you were moved out of your room... I have been on and off of a cart many times over the years. One year ( 15 yrs ago to be exact) I did it throughout my pregnancy with my daughter ( yeah that was loads of fun...) I blogged about being on a cart here: www.rainbowskiesanddragonflies.blogspot.com/2012/02/surviving-art-on-cart.html Using child power is how I made it through my days on a cart! They loved to help push the cart from room to room and move supplies, collect drying paintings in the hallway, etc... Good luck! :)