Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess I'm a blogger now...

Well folks, I'm giving this a whirl. After being outed on my semi-interesting and mildly popular video blog on my YouTube channel, due to the curiosity of one very smart 4th grader, I can't really post videos with any real freedom to say what I want anymore. So since I sort of miss my old MySpace blog thingy, let's be a little more of a grown-up now, shall we?
So a new school year is getting ready to start, and I'm pretty much p
umped. I'm awaiting permission from my principal to try out some new stuff, including Artsonia, a web gallery for student artwork.

I think it's just about the neatest thing ever, and my kids and parents would love it, but you know...the school district can't trust a grown, educated professional's judgement on that one. Hopefully that will get off the ground and then I can "display" all the kids' work without rolling bazillions of tape balls.

I've missed some of my kiddos actually. Some of them I got to see over the summer, teaching them drama in my brand spankin' new Nebula Theatre Camp. (website coming soon! ;) ) And also in the school's summer enrichment program, where I got to teach a painting and a clay cla
ss. I spent an entire week covered in art substances. Joy.

Then I went to Tennessee Arts Academy. Honestly I wasn't sure what to think at first, since I had been on the waiting list for months, and wasn't expecting a phone call from "FRAAANK" a few days before the academy started. So I was a bit rushed to get all my act together, but once I got there, I was totally blown away. Seriously, my first impression included an electric violin player, with his own arrangements of tunes by The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and LED ZEPPELIN. Ho yeah. So from that moment on I was in lurve with the community of educators in the Arts.

And my off time this summer has prompted me to acquire some expensive hobbies, like film photography. Oh yes. I can't just be satisfied with an easy-to-use digital camera, folks. I've got to purchase a plastic Chinese toy and run the w
rong kind of film through it. When that roll gets developed you will see it. (Whoever you are...probably just Ryan at this point.)

But here's some shots from my little hand-me-down Cannon TLb.

More on that later, I suppose. Right now I'm pretty antsy to see how this puppy looks when it's all webbified.

less than 3...

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