Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday I was leaving the house to try to take another picture with the pinhole shoebox camera (which was an epic fail by the way. Ryan seems to be able to do it, but I kinda suck by myself.) and there was a black kitty in my driveway. This is not unusual. My neighborhood is basically a farm for stray cats, or cats that aren't stray, but their owners just let them wander around.

I happen to really like black cats, since I have one. But she doesn't get to go outside because she has a birth defect that left her with three feet, and one shorter, underdeveloped leg. You feel sorry for her right up until she bites you.

Anyway I was cooing at this cat in my driveway, trying to get it to come to me, or at least not be afraid of me. My mom is a wizard at this. I don't know what she does, but she has, over her lifetime, been able to attract cats, and get them to conveniently "follow her home," where her and her brother would explain to daddy, "We couldn't help it! He followed us all the way home! We might as well feed him..." Brilliant.

I keep getting sidetracked. Anyway, I left after the cat sort of looked at me and mewed, then ran off. I was gone for about 10 minutes, exposing the shot, and when I got back I checked the mail. I had one invitation for a baptist church in Franklin which was addressed to the house's previous occupant. (On a side not again, I've lived here for close to two years, and the junk mail for this woman keeps coming, including all kinds of pregnancy mail. Hello!? She would not be pregnant anymore!)

Also in the mailbox was a strange post card.
Let's investigate the details, here. Stamp, polar bear, applied upside down, and NOT postmarked. Very weird message, an attempt at humor I suppose. Front is an artwork. Also, my NAME is spelled correctly, which almost never happens unless someone knows me well. (I've covered up my address.)

"Just to let you know, Mrs. Pickles is her full name. (Though I'm not actually sure cats can marry outside of Boston.)"

I immediately texted my friend Josh, who lives in Alaska (polar bear?) and has interests in alternative marriage, and who does random things like this pretty regularly. He did not know what I was talking about. And the writing doesn't look like his either. Hmmph.

Now, I tend to be an overanalyzer, sure. But come on, is this weird? Was somebody watching me coo at that cat, and was amused by my dorkiness? Stalker? Neighbor? Or is it just Joshy and he's yanking my chain? But still was somebody watching me with the kitty? AH!! This is going to bug the crap out of me.


  1. Was the mystery ever revealed? Did you find out who wrote the postcard?

  2. Nope, I never found out. Totally weird.