Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guess it's time for an update

So the new school year has started. It's been over a year since I blogged and maybe it's time to get my butt moving (or at least, my hands moving across the keyboard) and share/steal some art teacher-y ideas. We have this new scope and sequence, which has required me to mix up my lessons into a different order, and more often than not, to rewrite them altogether. So I'm in NEED here. I have almost got this curriculum written, but it has a few gaping holes and I'm clueless about what I can fill them with. Not only that, but our planning time has been cut shorter this year. I've also decided to make it extra hard on myself by keeping with the "Art Around the World" theme. So now I need ideas that have to do with, for instance: rhythm, movement, unity and variety, and ALSO North America.

Here are the continent themes I use by grade level:
Kindergarten: Australia & Antarctica (they only do one or two projects related to these. Most of their year in art has to do with holding scissors correctly and not losing an eye. :) )
First Grade: Africa
Second Grade: North America (I used to do Europe with them but they just couldn't quite fully understand that Zeus of ancient Greece was not real. I got phone calls. Not pretty.)
Third Grade: Central and South America
Fourth Grade: Europe
Fifth Grade: Asia

So for now let's see how it goes. I've got two days worth of classes going on completely new, untested projects. I'll share the results.

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