Friday, March 18, 2011

Grocery Bag Zentangle

For this, I used a square of paper I cut from a grocery bag. At first I wasn't really thinking much, then it occurred to me I actually had three values to play with. So I began using the brown as my middle value and making shadows and highlights with the black and white. Later attempts will be more refined, I suspect. I like doing this! The white pen is just awesome. It's a Pentel Sunburst MED Gel, by the way. I was tempted to get the gold and silver pens too, since a gold & silver in the same pack was the same price as one white pen. But I dunno, I am afraid of heading into the "scrapbooky" world. Scrapbooks are just not me AT ALL. No offense of any of you scrappers. I just never got into it.

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  1. OH… This is a nice one! GREAT! Let's do a trade. We just got done with a Kandinsky project and my 5th grade did ATC for a preplan. They are really fun and I could have them out in about two weeks. We need to use them when doing the artist reflection. They are very non-objective and might be a good trade with what you are talking about. Please send you address to