Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zentangle Challenge

I've been so into the Zentangle thing lately that I decided to try this challenge from a fellow blogger. "Something Blue" was designed to break out of the usual black, white, and gray palette of a typical Zentangle. I made two examples.

I can't wait to try these with my students once they finish their current project!

You can find the original challenge here.


  1. Both are very nice - I especially like the flow and movement in the second one. Your blues and teals are nice together.

  2. Very Pretty. I love the blues and paisleys.

  3. Beautiful - and I just LOVE your background for the site...

  4. I gasped it was a good gasp accommpanied by an Oh WOW and the full tangle was still to be reveiled! Love them both brillient blues. XOXO Zoe